Air Compressors

We offer a complete line of reciprocating and rotary screw compressors.   We supply standard pressure, high pressure and vacuum units.

Maintenance of Equipment

We provide preventative maintenance and upgrading of existing and supplied equipment.  Units installed in a remote field or inside of a factory.


We like to build and install our equipment in an nice and neat configuration. Easier to maintain and care for them.

Scope of Work and Capabilities.

You see the picture of the outdoor equipment shown above?  We built those “Air Modules” for the rail yards.  These units provide compressed air for rail cars, brake testing, diesel locomotive maintenance and many other applications required to have a rail yard run smoothly.  In the above case, we designed, manufactured, installed and piped the units.   We have done turn-key units for hospital‘s medical compressed air supply, college solarwall panels for heat recovery and savings, state-of-art containment system for a zoo.
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Thank you for visiting our us.  We hope to be of service to you.  We have evolved from manufacturing compresssors to include other engineering services for the supply and maintenance of equipment in a factory, rail yard, fire hall, universities, school and any other institution.  Since our beginning in 1978 the industry has changed to where innovative and practical engineering designs becomes the norm.  Pacific Engineering strifes to meet our clients expectations.
Pacific Engineering Inc.